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SPCA cat rescue video goes viral, becomes a valuable teaching lesson for cat safety

A cat rescue video soon become viral after SPCA posted the video on their Facebook page. Responding to a call by a concerned member of the public, SPCA rescue officers swifty arrived and rescued a cat sitting on the ledge of a HDB unit on the 12th floor.

The dramatic video showed the cat in a precarious position as the officer patiently secured the rope of a lease pole around the cat and pulled in to safety in the kitchen of Ang Mo Kio flat.

In this case, curiosity almost killed the cat.  SPCA advised cat owners in captions of the video “ to mesh up the windows and gates, to prevent their cats from slipping out of the unit or falling out of the windows.”

Cats are naturally curious animals and like to explore and wander out of the house.  This makes cats prone to falling out of windows when they tried to get to birds or moths that fly past the windows.

The SPCA website states that they “attend to 1 or 2 cases per week of cats falling from heights… while some cats survive the injury and require long-time treatment, or die a painful death.” 

These falls can be prevented if we put effort and take ownership of our pets’ safety at home. 

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