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Protect Your Loved Ones

Our environmental friendly Magnetic Insect Screen is designed for effectively keeping out mosquitoes, files, cockroaches, house lizards and all types of flying insects peacefully.


Discard toxic pest sprays with the knowledge your pets and children are safe from disease carrying mosquitoes and other flying insects.

magnetic mosquito screen magnets compone

Non-Invasive Installation

The Magnetic Insect Screens are installed directly onto the window frames or window grills with industrial-strength 3M acrylic foam tape.


No screws or drilling to the original window structure - perfect for tenants renting apartments and for owners who prefer no drilling. 


Made to measure.  We custom fit the Magnetic Mosquito Screen to fit perfectly onto your window frame. 


Patented Design

The insect screens are designed to be light-weight, durable and secure.


The durable fiberglass mesh is secured using interlocking system of grooved magnets and PVC strips - forming a tight seal around windows. 


Strong magnets are used to firmly fasten the insect screen to windows.


The magnets are fastened onto windows using dedicated industrial strength 3M adhesive which are high viscosity and long-lasting. 

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Invisible Mesh

Practically “invisible” when placed on your windows, but stylish enough to blend in seamlessly with your decor.


The mesh allows an unobstructed view while letting natural light into your room.


Strong and high durable, our Magnetic Mosquito Screen are ideal for our tropical weather where a steady stream of cool air is always a welcome addition inside any room.  


Designed with efficiency in mind to maximize your living space.


Flexible, to allow easy access to windows.

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Simple Maintenance

Low and quick maintenance.  Cleaning is as fast as making a cup of coffee!


Simply remove the insect screen from the window, rinse, air dry and snap it back into place. 

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