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Poor Ventilation Might Be Making You Sick, 3 Ways To Improve Ventilation In Your Home

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

So what are the health consequences?

Poor ventilation makes our homes "sick". Poor ventilation causes condensation and mould which damages the walls and makes the occupants sick. High humidity levels - can trigger allergies - complicate respiratory diseases brought by mites and mildew - allow mould, mildew and mites to thrive in the moist environment So we do need good ventilation - better air quality means a healthier environment.

Ways to Improve Ventilation

1. Open doors and windows This helps create cross-ventilation that pushes warm air, together with the circulating pollutants and excess moisture, out of your home and lets fresher and cooler air enter. This reduces the need for air-conditioning, thus saving money on utility bills. Just open the windows or doors that are situated directly opposite allow the natural cross ventilation. 2. Drying your laundry and wet towels outside Drying laundry insides our homes creates excess moisture which may increase mould growth and trigger allergies. 3. Get a fan One of the quickest way to improve ventilation is with a simple fan. There are a variety to choose from, including ceiling fans, freestanding fans and table fans. A Reliable Natural Home Ventilation System - While Keeping Pests Out At Miss Mosquito Net Company, we provide a simple and practical option for you to open our your windows to improve ventilation while keeping "intruders" out. With our magnetic insect screens installed, you don't have to worry about mosquitoes, lizards, birds, bees, cockroaches and other insects. Contact us today to find out more about our Magnetic Insect Screens!

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